A chimney crown is an essential part to the chimney because it acts as a shield and firstline of defense against weather-related deterioration. The crown is built on top of the chimney and designed so water can easily run off, instead of collecting on top. Water  can eventually cause the chimney to deteriorate, since it is a natural solvent. The crown acts in reducing water damage and lengthens your chimney’s life. However, crowns do not last forever and need to be replaced once they start to crack or deteriorate.

A broken crown can cause water to leak in and create major damage to a home. It is important to catch these problems before they accumulate because once the crown goes, the rest of the chimney is sure to follow. Bricks can loosen up and if this isn’t repaired soon, rebuilding the chimney would be the only solution. If the crown or brick isn’t in bad shape, we recommend CrownSeal. This is a coating that acts as natural concrete to be used on your chimney, or wherever a flexible waterproof membrane is needed.