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The chimney liner is an important component for the chimney. It keeps toxic gas, smoke and creosote from entering your home. Chimney liners occasionally need to be replaced.

What are the signs to let a homeowner know when they need a new chimney liner?

If your chimney liner has cracks or is broke, then it is time for a new chimney liner. Some chimneys have never had a liner added, and if your chimney doesn’t have a chimney liner, then you should have one installed.

How can a homeowner know if there are cracks in their chimney liner?

The only way to see is if you hire a professional chimney sweep company. A professional can inspect your chimney liner by using a video camera. The video camera can get inside the chimney liner and inspect the liner thoroughly. The professional will be able to show you the cracks that the video camera has picked up.

A thorough chimney inspection should be done once a year or if you are having a problem with your chimney fire. A chimney sweep company that is qualified and has the proper tools can do your inspection quickly and affordably.

Safeside Chimney has been providing chimney liner inspections for decades. The inspectors are licensed, qualified and insured. Call Safeside Chimney today and schedule a chimney liner inspection today. It’s better to be safe, than sorry.

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