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Annual Cleaning and Inspection of Your Chimney

Do you get your chimney cleaned annually? It is more important than you might think! Check out our blog to learn more.

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Spring Cleaning Your Chimney

When spring finally arrives after a long, cold winter, homeowners are getting into the spring-cleaning mood. Spring cleaning your home gets dust, dirt and debris out of your home and is the perfect time to sanitize and scrub your home. The last thing the homeowner is thinking about with their spring cleaning is the chimney, […]

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How Often Should I Clean My Chimney?

A chimney sweep will clean and remove built-up creosote, debris and soot from your chimney liner. It is important to have your chimney cleaned, because it will keep your chimney performing properly and keep your family safe and healthy. How often should the chimney be cleaned? The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that […]

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