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There are certain things that you have to do to your home annually, so your home stays safe and performs properly. Having an annual list is important, because it will remind you what needs to be done. Some of the duties on your annual ‘To-do’ list probably includes changing your furnace filter, putting away patio furniture, and checking the battery in your smoke detectors. These are important things on the list, but one important thing that must be added is having an annual cleaning and an inspection of your chimney done.

What is a chimney cleaning and inspection?

A chimney cleaning and inspection is done to keep your chimney operating properly. This will keep you and your home safe. The chimney cleaning and inspection is done by our qualified professionals. A chimney cleaning should be done at least once a year.

The Chimney Inspection:

The chimney inspection is a comprehensive checklist performed by our trained and qualified professionals. The inspection includes:

  • A detailed check of the flue liners
  • A detailed check of the damper to make sure there is proper movement
  • A complete check for creosote, then remove any creosote that is more than 1/8 inches
  • Look and check for any debris, birds, raccoons, and any other animals
  • Inspect the firebox for any damage

Chimney Cleaning:

The chimney cleaning is done to ensure your chimney is working and operating properly. The chimney sweeping will remove any buildup of creosote, which includes scraping the creosote off the chimney walls. There are two different chimney brushes we use. The wire brushes are used for masonry chimneys, and a polypropylene brushes are used for the metal chimneys. If a company uses the wrong brush, then it could damage the chimney.

There are two different chimney cleaning methods that we perform. One is the top down or Rod Method. This method will have one of our team members on the top of your roof, and cleaning from the top of the chimney down. This method cleans the entire chimney completely. The bottom up method is performed from the inside of your home through the chimney opening. This is one of the main choices by homeowners, because the dust control is lessened. Don’t worry, our team puts down tarp and drop cloths, so your home will not receive any of the dust.

No matter which method you have done, the main thing to do is to add the chimney cleaning and inspection to your annual ‘To-do’ list. It is best to have the chimney cleaning and inspection before you begin operating your fireplace or woodstove for the winter. Doing this will have your chimney operating properly, which will keep you, your family and home safe.

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