Chimney Caps from Safeside Chimney

Why do I need a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps prevent rain, snow, debris, and even bugs from coming into your chimney, as well as preventing sparks from flying out.

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What are my options in Chimney Caps?

There are multiple different options what type of cap you can install on your chimney.  Your options vary based on how they attach to your chimney, such as inside the flue, outside of the flue, top the top of the chimney crown, the outside of the chimney crown, or on the vertical edges of the chimney.  There are also options regarding the shape of your cap, including rectangular, square, or round, which may depend on the style of your chimney.

 How are chimney caps installed?

The steps involved in installing a chimney cap may seem simple enough, but it is important to leave the task to the Hartford professionals with chimney experience.

1.) The opening of the chimney is measured in order to accurately size the cap.

2.) The chimney cap is then placed over the flue on the top of the chimney.

3.) Next, we tighten the screws of at the base of the chimney cap to the top of the flue.

4.) It is also extremely important to remain cautious by checking the screen and holes in the base to makes sure they are clear of any packing or invasive materials.

5.) We then work to caulk around the chimney base and between the flue to prevent water from leaking into the attic.

6.) The last step is to screw the top of the chimney cap to the chimney base.

How do I contact Safeside to have a Chimney Cap installed?

To have a chimney cap installed to your chimney, call us or fill out our form on the right side of this page to set up an appointment. We will work with you to select the best option for you and your home!

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