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Having your chimney inspected annually will allow for any chimney repairs to be made and correct any problems that your chimney may be having. A chimney repair can be as simple as small leaks to even broken bricks and loose mortar. How do you know when your chimney needs repaired? You should always hire a professional chimney company, such as Safeside Chimney to do a thorough inspection of your chimney and your flue. A thorough inspection will allow professionals to examine, and evaluate the condition of your chimney and flue, then report any damages that are occurring.

Most Common Chimney Repairs The most common chimney repairs include:

  • Broken Bricks and Loose Mortar
  • Leaks and Drafts
  • Chimney Relining for Broken Liners
  • Crown Repair
  • Chimney Reflashing
  • Chimney Rebuilding
  • Flue Tile Repairs

These are common chimney repairs that can be done at an affordable price. What may seem like not a big deal to a homeowner, can actually be a life threating danger! Just a small crack in a flue tile can create toxins and gases coming inside your home, which will poison you and your family, along with possibly creating a house fire. It is essential to always have minor and major chimney repairs done. It can extend the life of your chimney, safe money on heating costs, and potentially save you and your family’s life.

Masonry Chimney Repair

The bricks or stones on your chimney are tough and durable, but even bricks and stones can break and crumble. This can happen when water gets trapped below or under the brick or stone surface. The water will eventually make the bricks and stones crumble and break off. When this happens, it doesn’t only look unappealing, but if it is left unattended, it can cause further and major damage to your chimney. This is when masonry repair should be done. Masonry repair is an effective repair that removes the broken and damaged bricks or stones, then replacing it with new. It also prevents water damage from spreading to the remaining chimney bricks, which leaves the chimney healthy and stable again.

Having chimney repair will keep your home looking and operating properly. If you see any missing bricks or crumbling areas in your chimney, then call Safeside Chimney today. Our qualified technicians will come and inspect your chimney, and have it repaired quickly.

For more information on our masonry chimney repair services and others, click here!

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