Safeside Chimney fixes Chimney Leaks

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Chimney Leak Info and troubleshooting

Generally the first area to check is where the chimney and the roof meet.  This area typically has a metal flashing protection generally made of tin , aluminum , lead or copper.

Chimney flashing consists of two distinct layers of metal which working together form a watertight seal against the elements. The first inner layer , or ‘ step flashing’ deals mostly with the water on or running down the roof , and as such, is woven into the roof shingles and bent to run up the brickwork several inches. The second outer layer , or ” counter flashing” directs the water from the vertical structure or chimney over the step flashing. Using this two step process allows room for expansion and contraction as well as air flow for giving the moisture from the interior an escape route.

Most cases it is better to rip up and redo the flashing all together , especially when there is shingle damage , water pooling problems , or it is believed the step flashing underneath the shingles is missing or damaged.  We generally also redo flashing if we are rebuilding most of the chimney and it is deemed necessary.

Repairing Chimney Leaks around Flashing, Vents, Skylights

When you see tar seal around flashing, generally this is an indicator that a leak has occurred prompting this attention.  Tar is more of a homeowner style spot repair and it often exacerbates the problem if not done properly.  It also cracks and becomes compromised relatively quickly.   There are cases where sealing the flashing is a viable and less expensive option than complete replacement.

The best product for this is called FlashSeal. (Click here for an informative brochure) It’s an excellent flashing repair system that, becomes a flexible waterproof membrane when it dries. It actually sticks permanently to metal flashings, asphalt shingles,bricks, & most other materials. It’s great around the base of chimneys, vents, skylights, and stacks. The main highlight of this product is that it stays flexible and comes with a great 7 year warranty when used with Flashseal Reinforcement fabric. Be sure to ask your Safeside rep about this product!

· There are cases where the solving of a leak is more involved than just flashing,  sometimes it requires chimney rebuilding 

· There are some cases when the chimney doesn’t have obvious damage and only occasionally leaks when oversaturated – we can apply Masonry Waterproofing

Safeside’s certified chimney professional will provide you the information necessary to perform the proper job based on your situation.