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In the charming town of Glastonbury, CT, Safeside Chimney recently undertook a crucial project for a residential homeowner facing distressing water damage issues. The homeowner was dealing with water damage due to recurring chimney leaks. Despite prior spot repairs not being effective, Safeside stepped in with a comprehensive masonry repair solution.

Safeside: Expert Chimney Repair in Glastonbury, CT for Residential Homeowners

The main problem with their chimney was that it was positioned to get hit with runoff from two intersecting rooflines. Recognizing how this contributed to water damage, the Safeside technician began a repair process that would not only fix the current issue but protect the masonry from water damage in the future. They installed new roof flashing to protect the joint between the roofing and the brick. Flashing directs water away from vulnerable areas, such as joints and seams, ensuring that rainwater and melting snow do not penetrate the bricks or adjacent walls. By providing a barrier against moisture intrusion, flashing helps preserve structural integrity. As part of the process, existing shingles were carefully lifted, allowing for the strategic placement of ice and water barriers beneath the roofing material.

chimney repair

We’re proud to share this Glastonbury homeowner’s review: “The chimney repair got tested pretty quickly in our rainy area! We were thrilled to see no more water in our home!” Such resounding satisfaction underscores Safeside’s unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results on every installation, replacement, or repair project.

Protect Your Property: Call Safeside for Expert Chimney Repair Services in Connecticut

Safeside is a beacon of reliability in masonry and duct services. With a team of ten CSIA Certified Chimney sweeps, each equipped with extensive training and expertise, the company pledges unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our clients can trust in this commitment because of our guarantee: If you’re unhappy for any reason with any service we’ve provided, we’ll fix it at no additional cost.

For property owners in Connecticut plagued by moisture woes, Safeside is a beacon of hope. Don’t let leaks dampen your spirits—contact our masonry experts today for a lasting solution! Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to ensure your home remains a sanctuary, come rain or shine.

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