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Sure, having a wood burning chimney fireplace in the home might seem like a great idea, but there are a number of chimney problems homeowners should know about. Whether you own a home with a chimney or plan on buying one with a chimney, these are a few of the common chimney problems to keep in mind.

1. Obstruction
Chimney obstructions can be caused by various items. From rodents such as squirrels or raccoons entering the chimney, to twigs or branches falling into your chimney, these not only cause the potential for fire hazards, but also cause soot and smoke to get trapped in the home. If something blocks the chimney and airflow doesn’t move as it should, fire hazards and smoke buildup are issues you will have on your hand. A chimney repair professional can come to your home to ensure there is nothing caught in the chimney; further, they can install a chimney hood to protect the top, so items don’t fall into the chimney’s opening.

2. Creosote
Every time you burn wood in the fireplace smoke goes up and the flammable creosote comes down. The black and brown tar and soot is responsible for a number of chimney fires annually. The chimney should be inspected regularly to ensure this is not a problem; especially if you light a fire in the chimney regularly, you want to ensure this build up is not found in the lining of your chimney, as it poses a great threat to your home and your family.

3. Brickwork
A neglected chimney can deteriorate, can become weak and brittle, and eventually break down. Not only will this damage penetrate the chimney system in your home, if it collapses to exterior areas of the home it can cause damage to the side of the home, your windows, and other areas of your home. Tuckpointing is one of the services a chimney repair company can provide, to help improve the brick and mortar’s strength, help prevent deterioration, and help stop a faltering chimney from collapsing or breaking down any further. This is common with older homes, so if you have an older home with a chimney, hiring a professional to inspect your property at least a couple times annually is smart practice.

4. Flue cracks
Cracks in the chimney’s flue are also common problems homeowners have with their chimneys. The high heat places plenty of pressure on the lining of your chimney, and moisture combined with the creosote can cause the flue and interior lining of the chimney to begin to deteriorate and crack over time. The combustible parts found in the lining of your chimney makes it more susceptible to flames sparks and potential for a fire. Therefore, having the chimney inspected, and having repairs made to the flue when required, is a simple solution to preventing these threats from becoming a reality.

These are among the more common chimney problems homeowners should be aware of. They are not the only problems, but are some of the issues many homeowners have dealt with. The right chimney repair company will not only help maintain your chimney’s structure, but also help find signs of damage, prior to it becoming a major problem, and causing these potential threats to your home and family.

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