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A chimney cap is important. It is the finishing element of a chimney. A chimney cap will prevent snow, debris, rain and even animals from entering your chimney. There are many benefits of a chimney cap, which includes:

  • Prevents any moisture from entering the chimney: When moisture enters the chimney it can cause the water to get inside the brickwork or go inside the attic, which can cause damage to your home.
  • Prevents downdrafts: A chimney cap will prevent downdrafts from entering your home. A downdraft will make your home fill up with smoke, which is unhealthy. The cap will also prevent cold air from entering your home, which keeps the home from unwanted drafts.
  • Prevents animals from entering the chimney: Birds, squirrels, and raccoons are drawn to the chimney, because of the warmth and privacy the chimney can provide. An uncovered chimney start to build a nest, then blockage will occur.
  • Prevents fires: The wire mesh on the chimney caps prevents sparks from creating a fire on your roof. The cap will deflect sparks keeping your home safe from fires.

There are different types of chimney caps for homeowners to choose from. You should always have a professional install your chimney cap. The opening of the chimney will need to be measured, so the exact size of cap is installed. The cap will be tightened down, then a caulk will be added around the base, so no water escapes to the chimney. This is definitely a job for a trained professional. You don’t want to trust your family and home to just anyone.

Safeside Chimney is the professionals to call to have your chimney cap installed. We offer a free inspection to determine if your current cap is effective. Give us a call today. The benefits are numerous.

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