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Best Practices with your Fireplace

A chimney fireplace can add value to your home. From providing warmth in the colder months, to adding a decorative piece to the center of a room when not in use, when properly kept and maintained, your chimney fireplace will look good, and will be fully functional year round. So, consider these tips for cleaning […]

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Fireplace Safety

A fireplace is a wonderful thing that a home can have.  It will keep a house warm and is a great accent to any space.  To enjoy your fireplace a homeowner has to make sure that the fireplace is safe.  There a few safety tips that will keep your fireplace and home safe. Fireplace Safety […]

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Fire Building Tips (In a Fireplace)

Building a fire in your fireplace sounds simple enough, but sometimes it can be tricky.  If you don’t do it correctly, then you will be trying to light it again and again.  Before you begin to start your fire in your fireplace, then gather all the things first.  You will need different sizes of wood, […]

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