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Is your chimney falling apart? The most common cause for a chimney to fall apart is from water that is collecting in the chimney. The water will deposit then freeze and this causes the bricks and chimney to fall apart. This is also referred to ask ‘spalling’. Spalling is a common problem and is the common cause for a chimney problems.

If a homeowner catches the problem early, then a tuck pointing can repair the damages. Tuck pointing will remove the current mortar, then replace it with new mortar. The chimney liner may need to be replaced, too because that can cause a chimney to fall apart, as well.

If you see damage to your chimney,  immediately call a professional chimney sweep company. A professional will evaluate the chimney and liner, then determine the fix.

Safeside Chimney is the specialist in chimney repair and replacements. Give us a call today if your chimney is falling apart.

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