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A chimney cap is capping that will go around the top of a chimney.  It is needed and is essential for your chimney as it will keep moisture, animals and debris from getting in your chimney.  Many homeowners don’t think it is important to have a chimney cap, but it is.  The chimney cap will end up saving you money in repairs later down the road.  It can even safe your family’s life.

Everyone that has a fireplace or woodstove needs to have a chimney cap.  The chimney cap will keep embers from escaping out the chimney and landing on your roof.  These embers can easily start a fire.  When a homeowner is burning a fire, then the embers rise up the chimney, but the chimney cap will keep the embers from leaving the chimney and landing on the roof.  This is very important as it will start a fire on the roof or your home.

Keeping moisture from your chimney is another job the chimney cap will do.  Rain and snow will enter the chimney if there is no cap on it.  The moisture will start to deteriorate the chimney lining.  This can cause cracks which can cost a homeowner a lot for repairs.

Having a chimney cap installed will keep birds, raccoons and squirrels from making a nest in your chimney.  A squirrel can create a nest for their family in under one day.  That is how fast animals can move into your chimney.  These type of nests will create a blockage in the chimney.  The blockage can cause carbon monoxide to enter the home along with causing damage to the chimney liner.  If there is a chimney cap on the roof, then no animals can build their nest in the chimney.
The reasons for having a chimney cap are many and without one can cause a homeowner many repairs.  The chimney cap is a very easy fix and installation for a professional chimney sweeper.  There are all different sizes and styles to fit any home.

Have a chimney cap installed today and save yourself money tomorrow.  You won’t regret it.

Get your Chimney Cap installed by the Top Stamford Chimney Sweep!  Safeside Chimney.

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