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Chimneys keep a home warm and cozy along with adding appeal and beauty to any home. A homeowner wants to provide warmth to their family along with safety, and that is why it is important for every chimney to have a chimney cap.

A chimney cap is a metal box that sits on top of a chimney. The benefits of one include:

  1. A chimney cap will prevent rainwater from entering the chimney liner. Rainwater can damage cause deterioration to the liner and the chimney.
  2. The chimney cap will prevent limbs, leaves and debris from entering your chimney.
  3. A chimney cap will prevent wildlife from entering your chimney. Birds, squirrels and raccoons are always looking for a place to build their nest, and the chimney is the perfect choice for these animals. The chimney never has any people around it and the animals have a dark, quiet place to live. A chimney cap will prevent any wildlife from building a nest in your chimney.
  4. A chimney cap can prevent a fire. Embers can fly up the chimney, then land on your roof. This is dangerous and deadly, but a chimney cap prevents embers from exiting the chimney.
  5. The chimney cap can promote a long life to your chimney liner. The chimney cap will keep rain and debris from entering the liner. These items cause damage to a chimney liner.

A chimney cap is affordable and will save a homeowner costly repairs later. It should be installed by a professional who is trained and qualified. Safeside Chimney are the professionals to install your chimney cap. Give them a call today!

For more information on Hartford’s chimney experts, click here!

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