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There is nothing better than enjoying a nice toasty fire on a cold winter’s day.  While enjoying a cozy fire your fireplace is leaving creosote and ash.  Having the chimney cleaned will remove the ash and creosote leaving your fireplace free from dangers and leaving the air in your home cleaner.  Chimney cleaning has improved drastically over the years.  Professional chimney cleaners can do the job quick and easy.

The main question that is asked by customers is what will chimney cleaning cost?

While each chimney is different and the cost would be different, the first thing is to have the chimney inspected first.  The inspection will determine if there is any repairs that need to be done to the chimney.  It will also determine how thick the creosote.  Creosote should be removed and cleaned when it reaches 1/8 inches.

If the creosote goes above 1/8 inch, then it can cause a fire and doesn’t allow the fire to burn effectively.  Creosote can also cause the airflow in the chimney to become blocked causing carbon monoxide to leak in the home.  Carbon monoxide is deadly and a silent killer.  You can’t smell carbon monoxide.  This is why it is important to have your chimney cleaned.  Your life is worth more than the cost of having the cleaning performed.

Other factors that will determine the chimney cleaning cost is how often you use your fireplace.  If you use the fireplace often, then you may need to have the chimney cleaned more than once a year.  If you occasionally use the fireplace, then once a year cleaning is appropriate.  The type of creosote buildup can also play a factor in the cost of cleaning.  Creosote is formed from the type of wood you burn in your fireplace and the moisture that is in the wood.
The average chimney cleaning cost is quite reasonable and we strive to keep our prices low and quality high.

For a detailed cost breakdown click here Chimney Cleaning Cost.  It is important for your chimney and your family.

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