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The chimney cleaning process doesn’t sound like it should be much work, but not only is it detailed, but important.  The chimney should be cleaned regularly and by certified cleaners.  The first step in the chimney cleaning process is an inspection.  The inspection will determine if there are any repairs that need to be done as well as how built up the creosote is in the chimney.

Once the inspection has been performed, then the technician will start the chimney cleaning.  The technician will lay out floor protectors around the fireplace or wood source to protect your floor.  The technician will climb on top of your room and start from the top, then work their way down.  The cleaning will be done to the damper, chamber and flue.  If your chimney doesn’t have a liner system, then an insert device is used by the technician to clean the liner system thoroughly.

A HEPA soot vacuum can be used to remove any ash or particles in the fireplace and chimney.  The HEPA filter will trap all dust and dirt particles leaving the homeowners home free of any particles.  The HEPA soot vacuum is specially designed for chimney cleaning as it will leave your chimney clean, but also homeowners won’t see a trace of the chimneys soot in the home when the cleaning is taking place or after the job has been performed.

Chimney cleaning should be performed by professionals.  It involves climbing on the roof and handling harmful toxins that are in the chimney.  It should never be done by anyone that hasn’t been certified and trained.  The cost is affordable and it will keep a home heating properly and keeping families safe.  The cleaning process can take up to two hours to be performed and only needs to be annually, depending on the use of the heating source.

A chimney should be done after the summer months.  This will have your fireplace ready to go when the cold days start to approach.  The cleaning process is an important maintenance that is needed to keep your home heating producing effective heat.

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