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Home Inspection recommends immediate Chimney Cleaning in New Haven

Keep Your Family Safe by Cleaning your Chimney

Stone Chimney New Haven, CTAt Safeside Chimney, our goal is to provide you with a cleaner chimney, which directly relates to your safety.  If your chimney is not cleaned properly or even at all, creosote can build up on the exterior of the firebox and ignite, causing a fire between it and the chimney shell.  To prevent a dangerous fire from happening in your home, call us at Safeside Chimney, like one of our recent customers did in New Haven.

This customer bought a lovely home with a beautiful stone chimney.  During the purchasing process, the home inspector noted that the chimney was in fair condition, but also wrote up the disclaimer; to call a chimney service company to inspect in detail.  Unfortunately the home buyer didn’t have a chimney company out prior to the closing.

Safeside Chimney is Here to Help

After moving in, the homeowner called us to inspect the fireplace.  After vacuuming up soot and removing the firewood grate, we found that not only was the firebox excessively rusty but that it had perforated in multiple spots allowing heat and gases to escape.  This was dangerous, because as noted above, it allows for creosote to build up and potentially cause a fire. Chimneys built with a metal insert do not have the standard 8 inch of masonry around the firebox; generally the box relies on air space to prevent heat transfer to the brick shell , which is only 4 inches deep.  There is a combustible wall up against the backside of that thin masonry shell.
Rusty Firebox New Haven, CT
This was a very unsafe system and luckily the owner followed through on the home inspectors recommendation to have one of our professionals at Safeside Chimney evaluate it prior to using it.  Ideally, this should have been done prior to closing on the home, so there would be a possibility to negotiate the cost of this repair with the seller.

Call Safeside if you need Chimney Cleaning in New Haven!

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