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Make sure your Chimney Contractor carries proper Insurance

Insured Chimney Sweep - Safeside ChimneyA few of the most important things a homeowner should know is if their contractor is carrying proper WORKERS COMPENSATION and GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE.

A contractor that does not carry General Liability Insurance is not covered to handle any possible damage to your property, then or in the future.  Attempting to recoup funds from a company that would not carry this insurance would be nearly impossible. Would you want such a company cleaning a chimney in your living room ?

If your contractor is not covered under Workers Compensation, the homeowner could be liable for whatever might happen to the laborers while working at your home. Would you want such a chimney repair company climbing your roof ?  You want to make sure that if someone got hurt on the job , that the contractor can handle that without your involvement.

Tips on Hiring A Chimney Contractor

Beware of unscrupulous businesses that claim they have insurance, but pay employees under the table; they are not only avoiding payroll taxes and unemployment insurance but will not have worker’s compensation for that employee. Liability insurance quotes are generally tied to payroll, if there are workers not on payroll performing negligent work on your home, that may not get covered either.

  1. Are they licensed by the state to perform this work ?
  2. How long has the contractor been in business?
  3. What kind of warranties are being offered?
    Will they be around to honor these warranties ?

You can rest assured knowing Safeside Chimney and Duct Cleaning is a long established business in Connecticut -over 20 years –  that has you fully covered.  A homeowner needs to consider a contractor that not only can perform the job they are bidding on, but has the business know how and system to follow through on their guarantees and assurances.

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