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Known for its high-quality services and exceptional customer care, Safeside Chimney offers Connecticut homeowners many masonry services, including inspections, cleanings, repairs, and complete chimney rebuilding. Recently, a residential homeowner in Bloomfield, CT, contacted Safeside about a leak that required immediate attention.

The homeowner was experiencing significant leakage from their chimney, with water visibly dripping from the fireplace mantle. Previous repairs had failed to resolve the issue, which was now worse due to the rotted mortar, leaking shoulder area, and faulty flashing. The homeowner faced these compounding problems and turned to Safeside. Our comprehensive solution: chimney rebuilding.

Comprehensive Chimney Rebuilding in Bloomfield, CT: A Safeside Chimney Success Story

Chimney RebuildUpon arrival, Safeside Chimney’s experienced team quickly assessed the situation and determined that a temporary solution was necessary to prevent further damage. They promptly tarped the area, providing immediate relief from the leaks. This quick action reassured the homeowner and demonstrated Safeside Chimney’s commitment to addressing urgent issues effectively.

With the leak temporarily halted, the team scheduled a follow-up visit to undertake a complete rebuild. Safeside Chimney’s expert master masons began by carefully dismantling the existing structure. This thorough process involved removing damaged materials and debris to ensure a solid foundation for the new construction.

Next, the masons meticulously rebuilt the structure from the ground up, using high-quality materials designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure long-lasting durability. This comprehensive rebuild addressed all underlying issues, including the rotted mortar and faulty flashing, providing a robust and secure structure. The team paid close attention to the shoulder area, reinforcing it to prevent future leaks and ensuring the flashing was correctly installed to provide a watertight seal.

The homeowner was thrilled with the results. The rebuild not only resolved the immediate leakage problem but also significantly enhanced the home’s overall safety and aesthetic appeal. By investing in a full rebuild, the homeowner ensured the longevity of their structure, reducing the risk of future issues and enhancing the property’s value.

Contact Us to See What We Can Do For YOUR Connecticut Home!

For property owners in Bloomfield, CT, and surrounding areas, Safeside Chimney’s services offer numerous benefits. A professionally rebuilt chimney improves home safety by preventing water damage and potential structural failures. It also enhances the fireplace’s efficiency, providing better ventilation and reducing the risk of smoke and gas buildup inside the home.

If you’re experiencing similar issues or want to prevent them, contact Safeside Chimney. Our team of masonry experts is ready to provide top-notch chimney rebuilding services, ensuring your home remains safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.


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