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When the homeowner from Riverside in Greenwich, CT, noticed persistent water leakage in their fireplace, they knew it was time to call the experts at Safeside Chimney. This issue had become increasingly common, especially in older chimneys that had absorbed moisture over the years, coinciding with more frequent major rain events. Understanding the urgency, Safeside quickly responded, showcasing why they are a trusted provider in the area.

Safeside Chimney’s Comprehensive Rebuild Services in Greenwich, CT

chimney rebuildUpon inspection, it was evident that the chimney required a complete rebuild from the roof up. The homeowner opted for the superior choice of copper flashing, which enhanced the functionality and aesthetically matched the existing copper cap and other home accents. This decision reflects the homeowner’s commitment to quality and ensures long-term protection against potential leaks.

The process of chimney rebuilding involved meticulous planning and execution. The masonry team at Safeside replaced the external brick and the crown, ensuring every part met the current building codes and safety standards. By choosing to rebuild the entire masonry structure, the homeowner mitigated the risk of future leaks and structural issues, safeguarding their home for years.

Why Get a Professional Chimney Rebuild?

A chimney rebuild, whether partial or complete, offers numerous benefits. It prevents common problems such as water leakage through damaged caps and flashing and blocks debris and animals from entering the roof. More critically, a rebuild ensures that the structure is sound and safe, reducing the risk of fires and enhancing overall home safety.

Reflecting on the project, the homeowner expressed immense satisfaction with the services provided by Safeside, stating, “Friendly, efficient, and I felt assured that they knew what they were doing and did a good job fixing our chimney. Leak problem solved!”

Ready to stop roof leaks and protect your home? Call Safeside!

Residents in Riverside and the surrounding Greenwich, CT areas must maintain safe and functional venting systems in their homes. Safeside Chimney offers comprehensive chimney rebuilding and annual inspections to help residents avoid costly roof repairs and maintain peace of mind.

Don’t wait for the damage to worsen; contact Safeside today to ensure your chimney, roof vents, and all residential masonry is in top condition!

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