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Safeside Chimney, a reputable service in Riverside, CT, specializes in chimney rebuilding and masonry solutions. Facing a persistent water damage issue, a homeowner contacted Safeside due to white efflorescence on the brickwork.

chimney rebuilding water damage

The Riverside CT project involved meticulous planning to preserve the antique look the customer desired. Safeside’s expert team crafted a new brick chimney crown, seamlessly blending the chosen mortar for an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Safeside Chimney: Rebuilding Masonry for Over 25 Years

For a quarter-century, Safeside has consistently housed skilled master masons adept at tackling any chimney rebuilding project. For serious water damage like the Riverside, CT home had, a spot repair isn’t enough; what’s required is a seasoned mason to undertake a full reconstruction. With our lead masons boasting a wealth of experience, rest assured that we restored the brickwork in record time.

chimney rebuilding


There are many reasons why homeowners might need chimney rebuilding. Over time, water, coupled with the Northeast’s weather fluctuations, becomes a recipe for masonry disaster. Connecticut witnesses numerous freeze/thaw cycles annually, wreaking havoc on brick structures. The permeation of water into porous brick and mortar triggers expansions and contractions, resulting in cracks, separation, lifting, and, ultimately, a compromised structure.

Beyond water-related issues, catastrophic masonry damage can stem from fires, lightning strikes, fallen trees, or sinking foundations. Such sudden and unexpected events are often covered by homeowners’ insurance. Unfortunately, standard wear and tear, commonly observed in chimneys aged 30 years or more, isn’t covered by policies.

Safeside urges homeowners to be proactive and safeguard their investments from potential risks with our expertise. Contact us today for chimney rebuilding, sweeping, duct cleaning, and more!

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