Leaking-chimney-meriden-ctA leaky chimney can be caused by a number of issues. One of the most common reasons you might have a leaky chimney is rain coming in from the top of the chimney. Simple enough, right? Common sense should dictate what one would do if this was the issue, but more often than not people tend to worry, become frustrated, and have no idea which direction to turn when they notice a minor leak in the chimney. So, whether it is as simple as water dripping in from the top of the spout, or if it is something a little more serious such as cracked mortar joints, a missing chimney cap, or any other reasons why a leak has ensued, we are here to help! (Click the link for more on chimney repair)

Common causes of a leaky chimney –

So, you notice a little bit of water leaking from the chimney. No big deal, right? In many cases there is no big problem. It can be as simple as water falling into the home from the entry of the chimney’s opening, and the simple and quick fix is to place a chimney cap over your chimney. But, what if there is a more serious issue below the surface? If you do not dig a little deeper, that minor leak or a few drops of water falling into the home can become a major area of concern in no time at all. And, worst of all, that minimum repair cost of placing a chimney cap over your chimney can turn into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars very quickly, if you don’t take the necessary precautions and measures to do the repair work. So, what are a few of the most common issues and what can cause the leaky chimney in the home? These are some problems most homeowners might be dealing with:
1. Lack of protection
From day one after construction your chimney is exposed to the elements. Sunlight, rain, wind, heavy gusts, debris, and every other element outside. If it is not properly covered, not properly protected, and isn’t properly installed, over time the brick and mortar will chip away, crack, and become frail. When this occurs, major damage can ensue, and leaks can start to occur. So, what’s the solution. Weatherproofing the chimney is one option. When it is installed our team will not only place protective barriers around the exterior, but also interior surface walls of the chimney. Not only does this give it additional strength from the inside out, but also helps protect it from the elements it is naturally exposed to day in and day out.

2. Chimney cap -Poor fit or Poor quality
If the chimney doesn’t have the right cap in place, this is one of the most common reasons why a leaky chimney is spotted in homes. An 8X8 or 13X13” space is more than enough for snowfall to enter or rainfall to make its way into the home. We can identify these leak issues immediately, properly fit your chimney with a cap, and resolve this issue with minimum out of pocket cost and effort for you as a customer.(Click for more info on a Chimney Cap store in CT)

3. Mortar & joint damage
If there is damage, if there are chips or cracks, or if other issues are spotted on the joints, mortar, or brick, all of these issues can lead to a leaky chimney. What’s the solution? Our team will not only clean damaged areas, we will properly replaced damaged or chipped mortar, will properly seal the corners, and help place barriers to prevent further leaks from occurring into the future as well.

4. Cracks or rust
Cracks in the chimney crown are often associated with a leaky chimney as well. Shifting of the structure, any issues with movement, shrinking, or even warping of the crown area can all cause this problem to further become apparent in no time. Rusted or damaged covers often lead to leaks as well. We can custom fabricate a new cover, help repair damage and rust, and repair these issues with the slightest of ease, all resolving the problem areas where leaking is occurring.

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Common chimney leaksWe are fully trained, experienced and bonded for your repair service needs –
Not only do we have a dedicated team on call for emergency repair jobs, we only employ fully trained, experienced techs to perform chimney repair services. What this means for you as a customer is that our team is fully qualified, they are fully trained in the latest repair methods, and that they are continually undergoing the latest training to perform proper repair services in your home.

We stand behind our work and strive to make you comfortable throughout the process. Whether we simply have to install a new chimney cap, or have to completely resurface the brick and mortar exterior surface of your chimney, we are going to provide excellent service. You won’t have to worry about faulty workmanship, poor work quality, or lackluster results. Our team of dedicated experts is going to take the requisite time to do the job properly, and we are going to work to ensure you are pleased with our repair services at all junctures of the process.

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These are a handful of issues which homeowners might deal with in regards to their chimney. It can be as simple as some water coming in from the chimney’s opening when it rains or snows, or something a little more complex such as warped or damaged mortar, bricks, and joints. Regardless of which of these extremes your home is experiencing, we have a dedicated team in place to repair these leaky chimney issues. Not only that, we can also provide you with preventive solutions in the future, such as placing seals, borders, or sealants where chips and cracks were once present, to help avoid future leaks or problems.

Even if an issue seems minor, this small leak or a few drops of water can become a major issue in no time at all. Give us a call today to have one of our trained techs visit your home. In addition to providing you with a fully written quote for repair services, we will provide you with a fantastic price as well. Give us a call today and let our team of dedicated experts help find the ultimate solution for your leaky chimney, save you time, save you headaches, and save you money!