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Safeside Chimney and Duct Cleaning employs over 20 qualified office and field staff who are dedicated to providing quality chimney, fireplace, and duct cleaning. Safeside Chimney and Duct Cleaning have been cleaning ducts and chimneys for over 15 years. Safety is the number one priority at Safeside Chimney and Duct Cleaning as there are ten employees who are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Safeside Chimney and Duct Cleaning is located in Hartford, CT, and provides accredited chimney cleaning services all throughout the state.

A resident located in West Hartford recently called our office to discuss repairing his chimney. His chimney had sustained water damage due to improper drainage and was in need of repair. We scheduled a visit to his home to inspect the chimney and discuss a quote for repairing and rebuilding.

During our visit, it was apparent that previous attempts to repair the crown of the chimney with roofing tar had been done. We advised the owner of the many disadvantages of applying roofing tar to the crown of a chimney to fix water drainage issues. The client was pleased with our knowledge and agreed to the estimate we quoted to repair the chimney.

We rebuilt the chimney per the client’s request of a beautiful light-colored brick with copper finishing. Many homes in the West Hartford, CT area are tailored with this style and color design. The client was extremely pleased with our ability to deliver his exact request and said they would certainly recommend us to anyone in the market for chimney restoration. You can see the difference in the before-and-after pictures below!

Before the chimney restoration
After the chimney restoration with copper flashing
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