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The dedicated and highly skilled professionals at Safeside Chimney recently performed a chimney repair for a Ridgefield, CT homeowner.

Another high wind and rain storm moved into the area and it wasn’t letting up anytime soon. Despite this, water had come into the homeowners’ chimney (just as it had before), causing water to make its way in. Concerned, the homeowners wanted to get help fast before further damage was done.

Chimney water leak and caps blown off by high winds in Ridgefield CT

They were previous clients of ours for another property, so they knew who to call in the event of a chimney repair event. They asked us to come out to take a look ASAP.

We were able to make it out within two hours to check on the issue. We determined that the caps blew off during the high wind and rain, which led to water making its way into the fireplace, causing water damage to the firestop. We removed the old galvanized pan that was built into the wood chase without an overlap. We installed new stainless steel caps and a new stainless steel pan with a 4 inch overlay lip to stay permanently water tight – all in the same visit. We used stainless steel as it does not rust or corrode.

The customer was thrilled that we came out despite the rain to help solve this issue. Thank you for choosing Safeside Chimney and Duct Cleaning!

Chimney leak fixed and new caps installed in Ridgefield CT
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