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Homeowners don’t realize there is a chimney problem until the problems appears right in front of them.  Maybe the homeowner starts to see a great deal of smoke coming indoors instead of up and out of the house or there could be an odd smell being smelt in the house when a fire has been started.  The homeowner knows there is a chimney problem when signs appear.

Having the chimney inspected yearly will detect any chimney problems.  Chimneys go through many common problems.  One problem is cracks.  A crack in the flue is very common.  Settlement in the home can cause a crack along with the stress that the flue endures with the fireplace is being used.  This is a common problem, but left unattended can cause health issues as smoke can escape into the home.  It can also allow carbon monoxide to enter the home as well.  This is a common problem and repair.

Animals love to build a nest in chimneys and is a problem that homeowners face often.  The nest will cause blockages and also can cause a fire.  This is an easy repair and fix.  A chimney cap can prevent animals from entering the area.

Creosote is one of the top common chimney problems.  Creosote builds up on the sides of the flue and the firebox.  When the creosote is left untreated, then blockages occur.  The blockages can result in a house fire.

Rain is another common chimney problem.  Rain brings moisture into the chimney causing rust and cracks.  Odors can also happen from the rain.  Though this is a common problem it is also a quick fix.  A chimney cap can be installed to keep rain water from entering and collecting in the chimney.

There are common chimney problems that occur with a fireplace, but one way to avoid a major problem is to have your chimney inspected and checked by a professional technician. An annual inspection can detect any problems and keep your chimney functioning properly.  Having the chimney cleaned annually will also keep major problems from occurring.  Don’t wait until you actually see a problem.  Book your cleaning with the #1 Hartford Chimney Sweep Safeside Chimney.

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