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At Safeside Chimney, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality chimney rebuilding services across Connecticut. Recently, a homeowner in Windsor, CT, decided it was time to address the longstanding issues with their chimney. Over the years, their masonry had undergone multiple spot repairs, but the persistent structural and aesthetic issues led them to seek a permanent solution from our experienced team.

Safeside’s Expert Chimney Rebuild in Windsor, CT

The Windsor homeowner faced a chimney and an eyesore that were safety hazards. It had suffered from extensive damage and repeated quick fixes that no longer sufficed. Understanding the need for a comprehensive approach, they reached out to Safeside for a complete rebuild, trusting us to restore the functionality and appearance of their chimney.

Our approach to the chimney rebuild was thorough and tailored to the property’s needs. The project began with the complete dismantling of the old structure. We then laid new bricks and mortar from the ground up, ensuring each layer was perfectly aligned and secure. To enhance the visual appeal and add a unique touch, we incorporated a stylish corbel at the top, transforming it into a standout feature of the home’s exterior.

The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome and praised the professionalism and efficiency of the Safeside team: “5-Stars—The men did an excellent job diligently and quietly. They worked full days when the weather permitted. When finished, the surrounding area was clean and tidy. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Need a Chimney Rebuild in Windsor? Contact Safeside Chimney for a consultation.

Whether you need a partial repair or a complete chimney rebuild, our team is equipped to provide the best solutions for leaks, crumbling masonry, roof problems, and more.


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