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Damage to Chimney Flashing in Danbury

Aside from keeping your chimney safe by cleaning and sweeping, we at Safeside Chimney work to repair damage done to your chimney’s exterior for weather and in a recent homeowner’s case, animals.

Many do not know that squirrels in particular can and do gnaw on chimney flashing – especially if the flashing material is lead. Lead has been thought to attract squirrels because they may find it to taste rather sweet.  This is not however hard to believe, as in ancient history, the Romans used lead acetate as a sweetener, even though many died due to lead poisoning.  Because of this, it is also possible for squirrels to get lead poisoning from consumption.  Below is an example of what these Varmints can do!!!

Squirrel Flashing Damage Danbury 2squirrel-chewed-flashing-ct-2

Options for the Danbury Chimney Reflashing Project

Flashing Squirrel Damage Danbury

Our Danbury homeowner needed a solution and  opted to replace the damaged flashing with copper material, which squirrels are not attracted to.  Copper is more expensive, but thankfully the material matches other copper atonements on their home.  We also offer  a more affordable alternative of sealing up the flashing with roofing tar, assuming there are no existing leaks ,  which prevents squirrel intrusion and is less expensive than replacing the flashing.  We understand the importance of maintaining your chimney both inside and outside, which is why we work with you to determine the best solution for you, your budget, and your home.

When we were finished the customer was happy, the problem was solved and the squirrels have nothing to chew on!

Thank You from the Safeside Chimney Team!

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