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New homeowners have a lot going on with a move. Getting settled and adjusted to the new house can be overwhelming. The last thing a new homeowner wants to think about is the chimney. A new homeowner should know if their chimney has problems before they decide starting a fire.

The first thing a new homeowner should do to know if their chimney has problems is to call a professional chimney sweep company. The professionals will do a thorough inspection of the chimney, liner and cap. The chimney sweep company will let the homeowner know if there are cracks, debris or damages to the chimney. The chimney may just need a good cleaning, but without having a professional evaluate the chimney, a homeowner may never know.

Call a professional chimney sweep company as soon as you get settled. Don’t plan on using your chimney until it can be inspected. This will keep your family and home safe. Safeside Chimney has been providing affordable chimney inspections for decades. We are certified, licensed and insured to provide excellence for your chimney. Give Safeside Chimney a call today!

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