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1101 Napoleon Wood InsertCongrats to Angela Greene of Jewett City!

She was the lucky winner of our latest giveaway.  We know she’ll love her new Napolean Fireplace Insert!

A fireplace insert provides great ambience in a home but more importantly provides zone heating which can save huge amounts of money in fuel bills.  Heating particular areas of the home that are in more constant use can save boat loads of money.

Roughly, a cord of wood can be had in the $200 dollar range and in ideal situations can save up to 200 gallons of oil, which is currently pushing a little less than $4 a gallon.  That’s a little less than a $600 swing.  There is definitely some variables as some homes with different heating zones and more open floor plans utilize wood heat a little more efficiently.  But for the most part , a properly utilized stove creates a return on investment immediately and most can recoup their investment in a few seasons. Pellet stoves are another efficient heating option for homeowners.

Ask Safeside Chimney what is right for you and your home.

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