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To keep your home safe and warm each year, then giving your chimney the proper care will ensure that.  Proper care of your chimney is very important.  It should be done each year.  It can prevent harmful carbon monoxide from entering your home as well as possibly a fire occurring.

There are many advantages of having a fireplace and wood stove, but they have to have the proper care done to them as well.  The first thing that should be done before the winter months is to have the chimney inspected.  The inspection will make sure there are no obstructions or cracks in the chimney.  The inspection will also make sure that everything is up to code and ready to be used. The inspector will clean the chimney removing any creosote that has formed.  If the creosote isn’t removed, then it will continue to form and causing your fireplace or woodstove to not perform correctly and accurately.

After the inspection and cleaning is performed, then homeowners will have to do other things for the proper care of the chimney.  When you are discarding your ashes, then make sure the ashes are put into a metal container also make sure the ash isn’t still hot when you are doing this.

Keep furniture and items away from the fireplace or woodstove.  You want to keep at least three feet away.  This will keep your home safe from any fires due from items that are too close to the fireplace or woodstove.
Burning firewood that has been seasoned in your stove or fireplace.  Never burn newspaper or any type of treated wood in your fireplace.  This is best for your fireplace, chimney and home.  Having a hearth on your fireplace will also keep sparks from coming out of the fireplace.  This is important to have and to use.

Having a fireplace or woodstove is great in many ways, but using the proper care of the chimney will keep them running properly.  This will also keep your home and family safe.

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