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Safeside Chimney was scheduled to perofrm a routine Chimney Sweep to a customer in Bridgeport, CT.

The customer just purchased a home in Bridgeport, and wanted to have the home cleaned thoroughly inside and out.

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The Safeside Chimney specialists arrived promptly on time, and started preparing the chimney to be cleaned. The crew members covered the floor where the fireplace was located to protect the carpeting while the chimney was being cleaned, then the crew members started on the outside of the home to inspect and clean the chimney. The first thing was to make sure there was no debris in and around the chimney cap, and remove all unwanted dirt and debris.  Then the crew started cleaning the chimney from top to bottom. After that was completed, the crew went indoors and finished the chimney cleaning.

We use the best equipment for our chimney cleaning. Our equipment ensures that no chimney dirt will escape throughout the home. When the chimney was thoroughly cleaned from inside and out, and top to bottom, the crew removed all the floor protections, and made sure the home was left clean without any trace of the Safeside Chimney crew. Safeside Chimney provides a thorough cleaning on all chimney’s, and when our crew is finished we make sure that there is no chimney dirt or dust left around on the flooring. The home will look like we were never there, and the chimney will be ready for a safe operation for the family for the winter months.

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