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When spring finally arrives after a long, cold winter, homeowners are getting into the spring-cleaning mood. Spring cleaning your home gets dust, dirt and debris out of your home and is the perfect time to sanitize and scrub your home. The last thing the homeowner is thinking about with their spring cleaning is the chimney, but this is the perfect time to have it cleaned.

Cleaning your chimney while you are doing your spring cleaning will guarantee that your chimney has been cleaned and ready for winter. There are other benefits to cleaning your chimney at springtime.

  • Creosote is deposited in your fireplace when it is being used. Creosote will build up in the liner of the chimney. The creosote can produce a sour odor that can be smelled in your home.
  • Water can enter the chimney throughout the winter months. Ice, snow and rain create a moisture that can cause corrosion in the liner of the chimney, which leads to damage. A spring cleaning can identify any damages.
  • Cleaning the chimney can save the homeowner costly repairs later. Many homeowners don’t clean their chimney until fall months. If there is major damage to the chimney, then the homeowner will have to wait to use the fireplace until the repairs have been made.

Spring is an excellent time to deep clean your home. It will remove dust, dirt and debris from your home, leaving your home clean and healthy. This will allow a professional chimney sweep to identify any damages.

Having a professional chimney sweep inspect and clean during your spring cleaning will allow for any repairs to be repaired, creosote to be removed and your home being clean and healthy. Call the professional chimney sweep company who is licensed, insured and certified in chimney sweeping. Safeside Chimney can provide an effective and efficient chimney sweep.

Call Safeside Chimney for all spring chimney sweep cleaning. Get your whole house clean and healthy when you have your chimney sweep done too.

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