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Echo Pellet Heater

The ECHO pellet heater is Thelin Companies’ latest addition to our pellet product line. The ECHO comes with an electronic ignition*, battery back-up technology, an ash pan, and is capable of utiliz8ing a remote or wall thermostat pre-set temperature and time control.Available in six porcelain enamel colors; red, blue, green, black, brown, cream, and also basic charcoal or metallic black paint. The ECHO can be ordered to fit any decor utilizing any of our 12 custom paint colors.The push button control allows the user to start and stop the ECHO with the simple push of a button and if the thermostat option is utilized the operation can be hands free. Simple maintenance can be accomplished in minutes and should be done once a week.*The ECHO must be lit manually during power failure and then, depending upon the size of the battery, the ECHO will run for a few hours or several days.


Height: 29″ (736.6 mm)

Width: 26″ (660.38 mm)

Depth: 26″ (660.38 mm)

Weight: 245 lbs (97.5 Kg)

Footprint: 16″ x 26″


Feed Rate (low): 1.5 lbs hr

Feed Rate (high): 3-4 lbs hr

Heat Transfer Efficiency 74%

Heating Capacity: 1200-1800 sq ft*

Power Consumption: 28 watts

* Heating Capacity depends upon environment, insulation and quality of fuel which may vary from region to region in the US


Cast Top to Side Wall: 7″

Cast Top to Back Wall: 5″

Floor: 0″


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