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T-500 Patio Heater

The T-500 Stainless Steel patio Heater is a new, unique and durable patio heater designed to be used outdoors. The body and fastenings are 100% stainless steel* and the top, door and legs are enameled cast iron. Enamel colors are available in burgundy**, cobalt blue, teal green, black and ivory. The top and bottom rings are polished stainless steel.* The stainless steel pipe will turn a beautiful amber color after several burns** Burgundy color will change with heat (it darkens) but will return to its original color when the stove cools down.


Height: 33″

Weight: 95 lbs

Flue Diameter: 6″

Door opening: 8″ x 10″

Footprint: 18.5″ square


Quick, easy light. A little paper, kindling and two or three small logs and the T-500 is burning in minutes

An external access ash door allows for easy, simple ash removal and clean out.

Fire view door. Once started the T-500 will burn with the door open or closed for a pleasant view of the fire. The door must be kept closed if the stove is left unattended. Operates well with densified logs as well as wood and small pieces of scrap lumber etc. Will not burn coal.


A minimum of thirty-six inches (36″) must be maintained from the T-500 to any combustible surface i.e., tables, chairs, wood walls, etc.


The T-500 is designed to be used outdoors only. It is not permissible to install this heater in a closed space or inside room. A simple 4′ section of stainless pipe (6″ diameter) is required to operate the heater. The stovepipe will require a bonnet (cap) with a spark arrestor. Check with your local dealer for these installation components. The pipe must be secured to the heater with three stainless steel sheet metal screws. Holes are provided in the flue collar for installation of these screws.

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