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T-5000 Fireplace Insert

The T-5000 Fireplace Insert is Thelin Co., Inc.’s newest pellet heater and is designed to be retrofitted into existing fireplaces or used in new construction as a built-in unit.The T-5000 comes equipped with electronic ignition for quick, easy starts and battery back-up technology in case of power failure. The T-5000 must be lit manually during power failure and then, depending upon the size of the battery, the T-5000 will run for a few hours or several days. Battery and battery cable are options but the technology is built into the stove for easy retrofit.Heating capacity depends upon quality of insulation in the home, the amount of windows and height of ceilings. As a general rule, we have found the T-5000 is capable of heating a 1500 square foot home and is a great heater for a den, family room or game room.Decorator options include high temperature painted colors manufactured by Forrest Paint. Ask your local dealer for a chip chart of these colors.

A wall or remote thermostat can be used to control the on/off, high/low functions of the T-5000 and is available as an option at the time of purchase.

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