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The chimney on your home is a main component of your home.  The chimney keeps your home warm and is like the heart of your home.  The care and upkeep on your chimney should require a certified chimney professional.  You wouldn’t hire a dentist to perform heart surgery on you, would you?  Having a healthy chimney will keep your family healthy and safe and is why you should only trust a certified chimney professional.

What does a certified chimney professional offer that other chimney repairmen don’t?

The certified professional are trained in all aspects of the chimney.  They are also taught the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The certified technician knows and performs the latest techniques to offer high quality work for the most affordable price.  There are codes that each state much abide by and certified technicians not only know the codes, but follow them as well.  These codes are important to keep your home and family safe.
The proper installation and repairs should be done by a certified chimney professional.  The physics are taught to certified technicians.  The physics allow the technician to understand the creosote deposits and formation for different wood and wood burning.  When a trained and certified technician understands the physics end of the creosote, then they can repair problems correctly that a chimney may have.

Continuing education is done by certified professionals.

The continuing education will allow them to know new codes that the government has applied.  The continued education will also teach the technician of new equipment that can be used for repairs and maintenance of the chimney.

How do you know the chimney company that you want to hire is certified? 

The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) should be proudly displayed on their website and in their store.  If you don’t see the certification, then ask the company.  Any company that is certified will proudly show their customers their certificate.
Never leave the heart of your home to amateurs.  Only let certified chimney professionals provide the work or repairs to your chimney.  It can be a life or death decision.

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