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Unfortunately, a masonry chimney can suffer damages from rain and snow.  Many homeowners think that their brick masonry chimney is safe from moisture damage, but even strong, durable masonry stones often cause major chimney problems for homeowners.  Snow and water get behind the masonry, then cause the bricks or stones to deteriorate, which cause them to crumble, crack and fall off the chimney.  This isn’t just an unsightly appearance for the home, but can be a very costly repair if left unrepaired.

Waterproofing is available for masonry chimneys.  It is an affordable way to protect your masonry from costly damages and repairs.  The waterproofing will repair any small leaks, then provide a protection to the masonry, so no additional moisture can accumulate.  Flashing is done along the masonry chimney, which blocks any type of rain or snow from entering, and leaving the masonry dry and stable.  The liner is free from moisture too.

If there are cracks, leaks and loose bricks on the masonry, then these will all be repaired, then the waterproofing will be applied.  Waterproofing is affordable, and can save homeowners a lot of money down the road on costly repairs from damaged chimneys and liners.

Safeside Chimney is the chimney company to call.  Our technicians are highly qualified, trained and certified to do masonry waterproofing.  This is a project that only certified chimney sweeps should perform.  We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all work done.  You don’t get this from any other company.  Our technicians are always returning to undergo training, so they are always learning the latest technology available.

Safeside Chimney will keep your chimney sealed and waterproofed, so your chimney has a durable, stable and long life span.  This is an investment that pays for itself in no time at all. Give Safeside Chimney a call today and let us inspect your chimney to make sure it is free from all moisture and leaks today.

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